Audience Analytics

Audience analytics is a system that enables brands to acquire a more in-depth insight into their present and potential customers to improve marketing strategy, customer experience, and brand perception, which is typically derived from social media analytics.

Our AI-driven social media audience analysis tools quickly identify the marketing personas that bring real-world results to your business – based on the data that matters.With Intelligent Web Analytics, you will get interesting insights for your Business directly on your phone. There are various steps and tools in this whole process

Step 1: Identify Potential Audience(s) …
Step 2: Select the Priority Audience. …
Step 3: Analyze Priority Audience Characteristics. …
Step 4: Determine Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices. …
Step 5: Identify Barriers and Facilitators. …
Step 6: Consider Audience Segmentation. …
Step 7: Find Key Influencers.

Our professional approach will ensure that your marketing strategies are designed based on the results of audience analysis and your business grows leaps and bounds with our help

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Types of Audience Analysis

Social audience analysis

In social audience analysis, your brand gathers preliminary data on users by utilising audience insights from social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. It displays your social media audience’s demographics and purchasing behaviour, as well as that of your competitors.

Situational Analysis

Situational analysis, which is more applicable for live audiences, entails investigating your target segment and categorizing it based on digital presence, demographics, or marketing funnel stages. You can discover how seasonal factors or conditions (such as public holidays) affect audience behavior and decision-making.

Branded Audience Research

Branded audience analysis strongly emphasizes identifying and learning about a specific brand’s audience. It enables you to understand your company or another company in your domain’s strengths and weaknesses.

Brands may use social media analytics to learn about what customers are saying about their products, advertisements, rivals, and more. However, what is spoken is merely one part of a greater picture.

Quiresoft Technologies will discuss how brands may use social media analytics to gain audience insights and analysis.

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